Dolphins: The masters of true intelligence?


I had an interesting conversation about dolphins yesterday. One that saw comments made by the other person that warranted a thought-provoking response.

I was told that they are “just animals way behind us in evolution” and that if they were anywhere near as ‘clever’ as us they would be “ruling the world and coming up with the technology we have”.

To which I responded: “It depends whether you think we are intelligent in allowing our race to become what it has: controlled, dependent and destructive. I think I’d rather have the freedom of the worlds oceans, and be part of a peaceful race ~ one that has no negative impact on the environment, that spends the majority of its time playing or exploring, with the ability to swim with friends and family to the most beautiful places in the world, with no boundaries to where I could go or possibly even who I could communicate with. A race that passes its knowledge effortlessly through generations, helps other races for no benefit of its own, gets its energy from its natural habitat, has an abundant food source, can protect itself against even the fiercest of predators and has no real natural predator (apart from the human race of course)”. I think somewhere along the line we got the meaning of ‘intelligence’ wrong… If you ask me the dolphin’s evolution and way of life seems far more intelligent.

Every year 23,000 dolphins are slaughtered and served as food in Japan alone. To find out more about this and make a stand visit:


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